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Some of the girls initially escaped, but none were rescued and 219 remain missing at time of writing.

Another attack on Zanna Mobarti Primary School in Damasak, also in Borno state, in November 2014, led to the abduction of an estimated 300 young students.

None of the children have so far been returned to their parents.

As a result of displacements caused by Boko Haram attacks on schools and other targets, many children have limited schooling in displacement camps or in private homes and communities where they are hosted by friends, families, and others across northern Nigeria.

His government will need to take urgent steps to address the insurgency, particularly the education challenge. In September 2015, the government announced the merging of various presidential initiatives to improve the delivery of services to victims of Boko Haram’s violence, including the Victims Support Fund, and the Presidential Initiative on the North East.

In January 2016, the government established a new Social Protection Plan which focuses, among other things, on improving the quality of teachers by directly hiring 500,000 university graduates, and providing cash transfers to extremely poor parents on the condition that they enroll their children in schools across the country.

The report finds that Boko Haram’s attacks on education, and the government security forces’ misuse of school for military purposes, has had a devastating effect on the right to education in the northeast.

It has dramatically affected hundreds of thousands of school children at all levels of education, and thousands of teachers and education administrators.

At least 611 teachers have been deliberately killed and a further 19,000 have been forced to flee since 2009.They have little or no access to education, likely blighting their future for years to come.Based on interviews with 215 people – including 99 teachers, 31 students, 36 parents, and 25 school administrators – this report documents Boko Haram’s attacks on schools, students, and teachers in Borno, Yobe, and Kano states between 2009 and February 2016.The government should also ensure parents and relatives of missing children are given regular public updates on efforts to recover their loved ones.The repeated failure to adequately communicate with relatives only contributes to their suffering.

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